Probate Law

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As your probate lawyer, Attorney Ladizki will administer your last will and testament. Attorney Ladizki, also guides heirs through the probate process in court and as your probate lawyer may act as the executor of the will, but this is not always required.

The probate process is the process by which assets are distributed in the U.S. when a person dies with a will. If a person dies with a will, he or she names beneficiaries who will receive his assets. The person writing the will also names an executor to handle the distribution of assets.

When someone with a will dies, the probate process begins. This is the process in which the assets are distributed according to the tenants in the will. A court of law oversees the probate process to ensure that the wishes of the deceased party, also called the decedent, are carried out.

Attorney Ladizki will represent the executor of the will and/or heirs in court. As your probate lawyer, he will facilitate the legal process, filing any necessary motions and pleadings. Attorney Ladizki will also make arguments to a court in the event that a will is contested, or in the event that the court has questions about the validity of the will.


  • Probate of Estates and Wills
  • Guardianship
  • Divorce and Domestic Relations

Often, a decedent will name his probate attorney as the executor of the estate. If this is the case, the Attorney Ladizki will also manages the physical distribution of assets. This can involve helping to change the title on property, or helping to move assets into the name of the person who inherited them.

Probate attorneys, like wills and trusts attorneys, are not permitted to be beneficiaries in the will. This means Attorney Ladizki cannot be named in the will, and cannot inherit any assets. Ethical rules dictate this in order to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest.

A probate attorney has an ethical duty to represent the wishes of his client. If his client is the decedent, he must represent the wishes of the decedent. Attorney Ladizki can also be hired by people in Western Massachusetts who inherit money in order to facilitate the probate process.