Business and Corporate Law

Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, Business and Corporate Law, and Real Estate Attorney, David Ladizki, Attorney At Law

Corporate lawyers ensure the legality of commercial transactions. Attorney Ladizki has a knowledge of statutory law and regulations passed by government agencies to help his clients achieve their goals within the bounds of the law. To structure a business transaction legally, Attorney Ladizki will consult with corporate & business clients about aspects of contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws, and other regulations relating to their specific area of business. Attorney Ladizki will ensure that a transaction does not conflict with local, state, or federal laws.

In contrast to the adversarial nature of trial law, Attorney Ladizki takes a team-oriented approach to corporate law. As your corporate counsel, Attorney Ladizki will work to seek a common ground for you in your business transactions. He will facilitate the business process with the required insight into your needs, his expertise, ultimate flexibility and most of all, a service mentality. Corporate law requires an incisive mind and excellent communication skills, both written and oral and Attorney Ladizki and his team have the experience to take you through the negotiation process.

Attorney Ladizki will write and revise the legal documents which will bind the parties to certain terms for your business transaction and negotiate on your behalf as the deal moves towards its closing.

  • Preparation & filing of corporate, organizational documents, including Articles of Organizations and preparation of Corporate Book
  • Preparation and filing of other business entity documentation, including but not limited to Limited Liability Company and Limited Partnership
  • Tax Identification Applications
  • UCC filings